Steve Gury

Staff Software Engineer at Twitter
Scala, OpenJDK, Rust and functional programming enthusiast.


Writing good commit message
Intro to games technologies

Writing good commit message

The purpose of a commit message should be to explain to another developer (it can be the future myself) what this particular modification is about. I'm always surprised by how much succinct are commit messages.

With some well-known exception like the Linux kernel, most open-source project doesn't specify what they want...
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Introduction to video-games technologies

From 2008 to 2011, I was a lecturer at École des Mines de Nancy, teaching to master students a course that I named "Introduction to video games technologies". This was a 8 weeks course (3 hours a week class) designed for students who already knew basic C++ programming but no other experience was required.

The goal of the course was to introduce all the component behind a modern game: